BYLC initiates Volunteer Award

Thursday saw the launch of BYLC Volunteer Awards by Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre: Pandemic Heroes 2021.

A release said that the winners were chosen from submissions by over 800 people and more than 70 organizations in 64 districts across the country.

These awards were created to recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations working in the community for the prevention of pandemics.

BYLC hopes to foster partnerships between youth changemakers, members of the community, and other stakeholders in order to support the government's vision to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The criteria used to determine the winners were their contributions, impact, reach and engagement in both individual and organisation submissions.

The individual category won ten winners. The top three volunteer organizations received grants of Tk 25.000, Tk 20,000 and Tk 15,000 respectively.

Paula Roos -Schindeler, deputy mission head of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in Bangladesh, spoke as the special guest. Because they are more familiar with these issues and have better chances of engaging with them, young people can help address some of the problems in their communities.

"During times of crisis, survival and well-being are the first thoughts that people have in their minds." The BYLC President Ejaj Ahmad stated that even in these difficult times, the BYLC Volunteer Awards winners thought about their civic responsibility and worked for their community's welfare.


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